Types of woven fabrics and their uses

Woven fabrics are made by two are more set of yarns. The specialty of woven fabrics is that they could be easily cut into different shapes and sizes. Let us see their different varieties and their uses.


If you want to make a dress, especially for women and children and if it needs little crispiness in it, then you should go for Cambric fabric. A cambric fabric is a lightweight fabric that is woven with the help of plain weaves. The final fabric that comes out remains stiff in nature. One could go to the fabric wholesale market to get these.


This fabric has an open weave coming out of it and the nature of the cloth is sheer. This fabric got the cheese because earlier it was used for wrapping cheese and meat. As we mentioned earlier that it has a sheer finish, it is not at all strong. You could not call it durable either, as the weaves could come out from a soft touch also. Due to its amazing features, it is not just used for making the clothes of women and children but is also used for making draping clothes. The best part of this cloth fabric is that it does not require any ironing. You could get it in the wholesale fabric market.


Buckram is one of the most popular woven fabrics and is used commonly for making a lot of outfits. If we talk about the nature of this fabric, then it is very stiff. The weaves that are used in the creation of this fabric are lightweight and they are loosely woven to make it. It is not used for making the whole outfit, rather it is used for the support of necklines, collars, backs, belts, cuffs, etc. Now a day we see a lot of accessories that are made with the help of fabrics. Most of them are made using this one. Buckram is also used for making different types of bags.

So, these are few of the varieties of woven fabrics. They could be easily found and could be easily used for the creation of different types of outfits.